Useful Links

For information on the history of the magic lantern, a selection of remarkable books on the subject and much, much more, please visit the website of the Magic Lantern Society. Even better, come and join us. 

LUCERNA – the Magic Lantern Web Resource – the world’s largest magic lantern slide database. 

Dutch Virtual Magic Lantern Museum ‘de Luikerwaal’
An informative and richly illustrated site providing a wealth of information on the use and history of the magic lantern, lantern slides and their producers plus postcards, trade cards, books, catalogues, prints and many more items related to the magic lantern. The site is bilingual, in Dutch and English.

Kent Museum of the Moving Image – A new museum, opened in 2017 by David Francis and Joss Marsh, dedicated to pre-cinema and cinema history. More information at :

If you have a related website that you think would be of interest to my readers, please contact me.