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My historical image collection contains thousands of photographs of villages, towns and cities in the UK and around the world and themes such as transport, rural life and famous Victorians. Many were taken by the best professional photographers of the time and, as well as being technically remarkable, they are beautifully and artistically composed. In response to requests to purchase prints, I’m making a few of them available as large (A3 size), visually stunning, high quality photographs.

Old PhArt Pictures is my trade-marked name for this collection. “Why Old PhArt?” I hear you ask. It is, of course, a contraction of photographic art! It makes me laugh but my wife thinks it’s rather rude. If you would like to use my images for commercial purposes, please click the appropriate tab at the top of this page. 

You can purchase the images below for just £19.99 per photograph with free postage to a UK address and £6 per order elsewhere in the world. Payment is via Paypal. Please contact me for more information or to place an order. Printed photos do not, of course, have the watermark on them.

001 LR OP blog

A Boy’s Best Friend

002 LR OP blog

Volk’s Electric Railway and the Chain Pier, Brighton

009 LR OP blog

Robin Hood’s Bay Lifeboat

008 LR OP blog

Newcastle United in 1895

007 LR OP blog

Fishermen in Newlyn, Cornwall

006 LR OP blog

Stoke-on-Trent Bottle Kilns

005 LR OP blog

The Level Crossing

004 LR OP blog

Glasgow Docks in Winter

003 LR OP blog

The Sweet Shop

010 LR OP blog

Construction of the Forth Bridge