Lantern slides for sale

In my lifetime, I have acquired around 250,000 magic lantern slides. Clearly, this is way beyond a hobby, pastime or even passion and might be a medical condition of some sort. Anyway, I decided to downsize my collection and opened an Ebay shop to start the task. I’ve been selling surplus-to-my needs slides on Ebay for well over ten years now and still haven’t scratched the surface! Today, I have over 200 listings and you can see them here. Happy browsing!

I still buy slides and photographs occasionally, if the subject matter is historically interesting. It’s addictive (I knew it was a medical problem), and I probably need some help.

Note – When I started selling lantern slides on Ebay, there were typically about fifty for sale at any time. Today there are in excess of twenty thousand. This is partly the result of collections emerging from grandparents’ attics and partly the growing recognition that lantern slides are a very rich source of social history photographs that are often clearer, sharper and higher resolution than paper formats from the same period.