Commercial use of historical images

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My archive of more than 8,000 historical photographs, maps and chromolithographs is available for commercial use under a licensing scheme. Website designers, publishers, advertisers, TV companies etc. regularly use my images. My licensing arrangements are handled by Alamy, one of the world’s leading commercial picture libraries.

You can browse my images by clicking the Alamy logo at the bottom of this page. This takes you to a search box where you can enter a place name (city, town or village), topic or theme ….. anything really that’s relevant to the type of image you’re looking for. For instance, if you search for ‘London’ you’ll find 550 images; ‘war’ 400; ‘seaside’ 160; ‘farming’ 150; ‘railway’ 450 and so on. You can refine your search by adding more detail, such as ‘London horse bus’.

Please note that licences are not available for private / personal use. 

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