Edwardian four-seat cycle racing

Here’s another interesting magic lantern slide from my collection. 

magiclanternist.com 353

Yes, it’s a four-seat (or more) bicycle and the riders appear to be racing at a velodrome, as there is a banked track in the background. Cycling themed photographs are quite rare on magic lantern slides. You often see bicycles in busy street scenes and sometimes in posed portraits taken in a photographer’s studios where a bike is used as a prop to add interest but slides where cycling is the main subject are few and far between. This one is very special because of the type of bicycle, the delightful human moment captured by the expression on the rider’s face and the fact that it is a high resolution, pin sharp photograph from the early years on the 19th century.

When was multi-seat cycle racing popular, does it still take place, where was this photo taken? Please let me know if you can answer these questions.

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