A white-knuckle London tram ride

Here is an interesting magic lantern slide from my collection, continuing the tram theme from my last post.

magiclanternist.com 352

What is happening here? All we know is that it’s a London tram, health and safety as a concept has yet to be invented and there is something worth looking at in the hole. I don’t know what the answer is but there are two likely scenarios. One is that the hole is the result of bomb damage and this is the solution to keeping the service running. The other is that they are building a Tube line using the ‘cut and cover’ method rather than tunnelling, as they often did for lines close to the surface. Whatever the truth, it’s a fascinating photograph which I use in the ‘caption competition’ part of my magic lantern shows. If you have an idea for a caption (my audiences have plenty), let me know.

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