More ‘Old PhArt’ photos now available

055 OP LR blog

As previously mentioned, I’ve listed ten of my most striking photographs on Amazon UK. They are available as large, high quality photos, ready for framing. I’ve now prepared another fifty and whilst they will be on Amazon UK in a few weeks’ time, you can buy them direct from me now. I’ve chosen subject matter that I would be happy to have framed and on display in my own home, ‘though my lovely wife might not fully appreciate a picture of Brunel’s partially dismantled SS Great Eastern, so that’s probably one for the office! You can see them all by clicking here.

039 OP LR blog

As promised, following my short break from writing magic lantern related posts, I’m now getting back to my favourite subject and have some interesting topics in the pipeline. Having said that, the subject of this Wednesday’s post will be relatively modern by my normal standards, as it’s about Second World War souvenir photos. Watch this space!

012 OP LR blog

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