Old PhArt Christmas Gifts

001 LR OP blog

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks. I’ve been working on the launch of ‘Old Phart Pictures’ on Amazon. Being a one man band business (and a man) multi-tasking isn’t easy, so all of my time and energy has been directed towards this new venture and blog posts have taken a back seat. Sorry. 

009 LR OP blog

My idea was a simple one, take my finest photographic magic lantern slides, those that have interesting content and are beautifully composed works of art, and print them as large, high quality photos that people might like to purchase as gifts. I successfully applied for a trademark for my chosen brand name ‘Old PhArt Pictures’ (it’s a contraction of photo and art and, yes, I know it’s funny or rude, depending on your point of view) and then embarked on the surprisingly difficult task of enrolling as an Amazon seller. To cut a long and rather painful story short, I have now managed to list my first ten photos on Amazon UK, with lots more to follow if there is interest in these first few.

008 LR OP blog

They are large (A3 size), visually stunning, interesting subjects and would make lovely, thoughtful, Christmas gifts. 

007 LR OP blog

The subjects include Newcastle United, industrial Stoke-on-Trent, the Forth Bridge, Newlyn fishermen, Brighton’s Volk’s Railway and more, as shown in this post. I hope you like them. I hope Amazon’s customers like them. If they don’t, I’ve wasted hundreds of hours! You can click on each one to go to the relevant Amazon page. If you decide to buy one, please leave suitable feedback, as that is the only way that my listings will climb Amazon’s rating order.

006 LR OP blog

I promise to get back to posting magic lantern related stuff soon.

005 LR OP blog
004 LR OP blog

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010 LR OP blog

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