Gramaphone delivery van magic lantern slide

Do you remember ’78’ records?


For those who don’t, the progress of recorded sound goes ….. wax cylinders, 78s (78 revolutions per minute), 45s and LPs, tape cassettes, CDs, digital downloads. Have I missed any? Not all magic lantern slides are Victorian. They were still being produced, mainly for academia, in the 1940s and, indeed, even as late as the 1960s. Many cinemas used magic lanterns to show advertising slides, ‘visit this restaurant after the show’, ‘next week’s films’ etc. and I’ve even seen a lantern slide promoting the first Star Wars movie! Anyway, back to this delightful photograph from a lantern slide in my collection. It was taken in Newark near Nottingham, probably in the 1930s, when HMV (His Masters Voice) was one of the leading record labels and suppliers of gramaphones. The dog was called Nipper!

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